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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

JerseyBeat Podcast 65

Jersey Beat Podcast 65: A Farewell To Archie

Direct Download: JB65

True West - Lucifer Sam
The Impediments - Don't Mess Me Around
The Knockouts - Where Has Rock N Roll Gone?
Delay - I Need You
Sandworms - Seasick
Barrakuda McMurder - I Wanna Make Out With You Because You Wear Sweatpants
Boys Club - Barracuda
The Dispensed - Serena
The Max Levine Ensemble - How About A Shrieking Polecat?
Nightbirds - Paranoid Time
Porno Sponges - Goin' Places, Eatin' Things
The Secret Syde - Hole Where A Pocket Should Be
Shilpa Ray & The Happy Hookers - I'm Not Frigid...Yet
Tris McCall & Cropduster - Mind Rock
The Negatones - Carbon Freeze
The Used Kids - Dancing On The Edge of the World
The Methadones - Gary Glitter
Legend of the Fall - Keep Your Emo Glasses On (Scene Girl)
Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation - Better Come Clean
Yo La Tengo - If It's True

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