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Monday, October 19, 2009

Crossing The Streams:
The JB Podcast Meets The Rock N Roll Gas Station

JerseyBeat Podcast 67/Rock N Roll Gas Station

Direct download: JB67.mp3

We're crossing the streams this week and combining the Jersey Beat podcast with my Internet radio show, bringing you a collection of songs mostly contributed by the readers of the Pop Punk Message Board (
You see, my PC is kaput, and my iTunes library and other mp3's have been inaccessible. So I put out a call to the Pop Punk Bored and sure enough, bands and labels sent in enough music to carry me through for a few weeks. So with thanks to Rally and Traffic Street and Merman Records, and bands like the Sentiments, Snotlip, and Wild America, we present the crossing-the-streams joint episode of the JB Podcast and RnR Gas Station.

Screeching Weasel - Bottom Of The Ninth (Teen Punks In Heat)
Fear Of Lipstick - Did Ya Know (Sea Creatures EP #1)
The Brought Low - Everybody Loves A Whore (demo)
The Dwyer - Waiting For A Bullet (Gas Station Masturbation)
Andromeda Klein - Dr. Frank (Demo)
Textbook - Better Late Than Never (The Great Salt Creek)
Wild America - Think Too Much (Wild America)
Awesome New Republic - Alleycat (hearts)
Buzzkill - Rock N Roll Gas Station - 7 inch EP
Teenage Bottlerocket - Todayo - (They Came From The Shadows)
Snotlip - Nzag (demo)
The Sentiments - Goodbye Ramona (Goodbye Ramona)
The Scruffs - Treasure Girls (Conquest)
Drew & The Medicinal Pen - Paper Pockets (Heavy Head)
The Roman Line - Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease (Sea Creatures #1)
Megaphone - Favorite New Disaster (Exit Silent Mode)
PG 13's - Winona (Get Back)
Sci Fi Nightmares - Death Follows Her (EP Split with The Loblaws)
Nouvelle Vague - God Save The Queen (3)
The Riot Before - You Can't Sexy Dance To Punk Rock (Fist Out of Sockets)
Northern Poly Riot - Orencia, Once In A While (Nothern Poly Riot)

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