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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast 46: Carlapalooza II

Direct download: JB46.mp3

On this episode, we showcase some of the bands playing Carlapalooza II on Oct. 6-7.
Please visit for complete details, directions, and information on the mind-blowing prizes being given away at Saturday's raffle.

The Connie Dungs - Teenage Hate Band

Bridge And Tunnel - Circles to Shreds

Nancy - The World's Worst Financial Planners Agree:

The Fiendz - Dead End

The Festipals - Red Line Soldiers, Mount Up

Basement Black - Apocalypse Broadcast

Short Attention - Toilet Paper

Short Attention - John Locke

The Measure (SA) - Just Go

The Killtakers - Anneliese

The Max Levine Ensemble - The Estranged Journeys of Richard Nixon

Modern Machines - Zero Kid

Hi Ho, Six Shooter!
- If Only You Were Lonely

The Age of Rockets
- The Day The Whole World Died

The Ergs! - Blue

Dead Mechanical - Information In

Lost Locker Combo - Bake Sale

For Science - Leaving New Brunswick

The Leftovers - Lose Your Head

The Steinways -

See you at Carlapalooza!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast 45:
Falling Into Fall

Kate Hart, John Taglieri, Mazeffect, Grover Kent, and Scruff, the singer of Kohuff, featured on this podcast will all be appearing at's benefit for the Spondylitis Assn. of Amerca.

Direct Download: JB45.mp3

Damfino - Buddy Holly In The 25th Century

Superchunk - Say My Name

The Successful Failures - Bridges Over The Delaware

Kate Hart - New York City

John Taglieri - Leap of Faith

Mod Fun - Hangin' Round

Kohuff - Everything Is Ok So Stop Bitching

Mazeffect - Know A Girl

Grover Kent - Old Man Conroy

Ninja Gun - The Smoking Gun

Whiskey & Co. - Nightlife

Mooney Suzuki - Just Like Jesse James

Superchunk, John Taglieri, and The Mooney Suzuki can be found on The Podsafe Music Network.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast 44: Synergy!

Direct Download: JB44.mp3

We review music on; we play music on the podcast. Seems like a perfect opportunity for a little synergy. So all of the music you'll hear on this episode of the podcast has been reviewed recently on our main website, Check out the reviews, clink on some links, and hopefully you'll be adding some of these bands to your own collection soon.

Palomar - You're Keeping Us Up

A Study In Her - Photo Club

The Milwaukees - Save Me

Glenn Mercer - Days To Come

Bishop Allen - The Monitor

Ghost Town Trio - This Guitar Makes Frien...

Punkin' Pie - I Know Monsters Well

What Happened - Take It All Away

The Prozacs - I'm In Love

Podshow - Podsafe Music Network Promo

The Steinways - Ice Cream

Dopamines - Pity Party (They're from Cincinnati, not Columbus!!)

Nancy - The Fear of Missing Out

Rock,Star - Trading Cards

Static Radio NJ - Last Call

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