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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jersey Beat Podcast #12:
Flick Lives! A Tribute to Jean Shepherd

Direct download: JB12a.mp3
Jean Shepherd was the screenwriter and narrator of the classic holiday film "A Christmas Story," as well as a best-selling author, commentator, and television personality. But to a small legion of dedicated fans, he will always be remembered for his radio show on WOR, which consisted of Shep bending his listeners' ears with a seemingly endless and fascinating collection of stories from his childhood, his days in the army, and his observations on modern society. Jerry Seinfeld grew up listening to Shep on the radio; so did U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins, who once said that he couldn't imagine growing up without Jean Shepherd. On what would have been his 85th birthday, we salute Shep with this retrospective, which includes an interview with Eugene Bergmann, author of "Excelsior, You Fathead! The Art & Enigma Of Jean Shepherd," which examines Shepherd's life, career, and legacy as one of America's pre-eminent humorists.

For more information on Jean Shepherd, we recommend reading "Excelsior, You Fathead: The Art & Enigma of Jean Shepherd," by Eugene Bergmann, and visiting the Flick Lives! website for a wealth of Jean Shepherd resources.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jersey Beat Podcast #11 - What's New?

See Dr. Frank at The Sidewalk Cafe, Avenue A & E. 6th St. NYC, this Thursday, July 13, with Jim Testa - 11 p.m., no cover!

Direct download: JB11.mp3

Lots of new music!
The Slaughterhouse Four - "Goodbye Black Cloud"
The Leftovers - "I Don't Really Love You"
For Science - "Love Batteries"
Jeff Solomon - "Temporary Song"
Drew Hawthorne - "We'll Stick Together"
Dr. Frank - "I Wanna Ramone You"
Mod Fun - "Leaving Here"
The Anderson Council - "Strawberry Smell"
Hysterics - "Do It Again"

Intro - The Cucumbers, "Do It Yourself"
Outro - LandSpeedRecord - "Visiting Hours"

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Monday, July 03, 2006

Jersey Beat Podcast #10
The Anti 4th Of July Show

Direct Download: JB10.mp3
Celebrating our nation's independence with songs from the American indie underground. Our country, right or wrong: When right, to be kept right; when wrong, to be set right.

Dead Mechanical - Guantanamo Calling
Bouncing Souls - Letter From Iraq
Nancy - Killing Ourselves
The Successful Failures - Letting The Terrorists Win
Rick Barry - A Stupid American Song
Bright Eyes - When The President Talks To God
Bad Religion - American Jesus
Dr. Frank - Democracy, Whiskey, Sexy
The Visitations - Questionable Intelligence
Tris McCall - Robert Menendez, Basta Ya!

Intro: Do It Yourself by The CucumbersOutro: Visiting Hours by Land Speed Record

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