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Friday, September 18, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 64 - A Chat With Tris McCall

Direct download: JB64.mp3

Singer / songwriter / musician / critic/ writer/ blogger /political gadfly/ one-time community activist, and music-pollster extraordinaire Tris McCall joins host Jim Testa in the studio for a one hour conversation on the state of our local music and politics. What can we expect from the new album from Tris... and from the next mayor of Jersey City? Is downtown really morphing into a reflection of its latest tenants, or is the neighborhood simply overstocked with ex-pat Hobokenite stock brokers and trust-funded frat boys looking for a $2 PBR and a luxury condo that won't crimp their lifestyle?

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 62: Falling Into Fall

The Impediments

Jersey Beat Podcast 62

Direct download: JB62.mp3

The Impediments - "LeAn"
The Impulse - "Arm The Girls"
Golden Bloom - "Doomsday Devices"
Material Issue - "Mary Spins A Rainbow"
The New 45 - "Black Cherry"
Bouncing Souls - "Badass"
Delay - "Bad Habits, Good Company"
The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing"
The Leftovers - "Make You Mine"
Smarty Pants - "Make A Mermaid"
Boat - "God Save The Man Who Isn't All That Super"
Yo La Tengo - "Avalon Or Someone Very Similar"
Houseboat - "Alonelylonelylone"
Dumptruck - "Walk Into Mirrors"
Ex Lovers - "My Sister Hates The Band"
Classics of Love - "Slow Car Crash"
Frank Turner - "Poetry of the Deed"
Tajoe Jeff - "Astrozombies"
The Creepshow - "Rock N Roll Sweetheart"