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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Jersey Beat Podcast #179: Larry Livermore

Download/Streaming Link: JB179.mp3
On this episode of the Jersey Beat Podcast, Jim Testa chats with Larry Livermore, co-founder and former co-owner of Lookout Records, author, and frontman of The Potatomen.
Don Giovanni Records has just released Toytown: Outtakes And Rarities, a collection of demos and other effluvia from the band that Livermore formed with his business partner and good friend Patrick Hayes and a barely teenaged lad who called himself Tres Cool (whatever happened to him?)
Larry talks about the Potatomen and the new book he's currently working on, as well as other remembrances and observations.

This episode includes the following songs:
The Mr. T Experience - "God Bless Lawrence Livermore"
The Potatomen - "Empty Inside"
The Potatomen - "Debra Jean"
The Potatomen - "The Day I Said Goodbye"
The Potatomen - "The Drunken Staircase"
The Potatomen - "Toytown"

The Potatomen catalog including Toytown: Outtakes & Rarities, as well as Larry's books Spyrock Memories and How To Ruin A Record Label, are available from

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Jersey Beat Podcast #178: More Songs About Crises and Despair


Download/Streaming Link: JB178.mp3

Jaded Azurites - "Break Up"
The Jersey Beat Podcast Theme Song (by Jack Skuller)
Bob Mould - "American Crisis"
Dawn Oberg - "Mitch McConnell"
The Dirty Knobs - "Lockdown Part II"
Goodman - "Brave New World"
Rachel Lark - "The World's Really Fucked"
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby - "Vote The Fucker Out"

Ezra Caspi - "Mice In The Sound Hole"
Daniel Romano - "A Rat Without A Tale"
Blue Vervain - "American"
Emily Li - "Autopilot"
Chaser - "Found Myself Again"
Angora Debs - "B Side"
The Gypsy Moths" - "We Can't Go Home"
Jay Allen & The Arch Criminals - "Grow Some Stones"
Teenage Halloween - "Sweat"
Speed The Plough - "Rush Hour"
Tiphanie Doucet - "You And I"
Sky Furrows - "The Mind Runs A Race & Falls Down"

Monday, September 14, 2020

Jersey Beat Podcast #177: Summer's Over, But Here Are Some Songs Summer Left Behind

Download/Stream Link: JB177.mp3

Fairmont - "High Water Mark"
Jay Della Valle - "The Van Song"
Well Wisher - "Halfway Heart"
MOD FUN - "Day After Day"
The Pine Barons - "Sputter"
Nick Rifken - "Disco Girl"
Lunch Box - "Gary Of The Academy"
The Lemon Drop Gang - "Georgie"
The Cocktails - "Nobody's Going To The Movies"
Kurt Baker - "Over You"
dan bryk - "bigger than you"
Blacks Beach Boys - "HGTV In HD"
Bad Wires - "You Call This Lupus?"
Jamie Frey - "Rebel Girl"
The Mortars - "Hoboken"
GRIM DEEDS - "Joe Don't Listen To Judas Priest"
Joy Cleaner - "Nervous Purr"
Lesser Creatures - "Stephanie Jean"
The Campbell Apartment - "Seaside Hts, NJ"

Monday, August 31, 2020

Jersey Beat Podcast #176: Vote That F*cker Out Edition

Stream / Save As Link:  JB176.mp3

The Bouncing Souls - Ghosts On The Boardwalk
The Milwaukees - Burn & Shame
Bloody Your Hands - Checked Out
The Happy Fits - Hold Me Down
Amy Rigby - Here It Is Saturday
Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis - In Spite Of Ourselves
Eels - Baby, Let's Make It Real
Harvey Gold - Song For Joanne
Peter Stampfel & The Bottlecaps - Random Violence
Richard Barone - The Streets of New York
Rick Barry - No Smoking
Jeff DeVito - Sycamore
Muck & The Mires - Zoom Breakup
Lost In Society - Police On My Back
Juan Solo 7 - My Place
Teenage Halloween - Holes
Stuyvesant - This Is The End
Amy Rigby & Wreckless Eric - Vote The Fucker Out

Friday, August 07, 2020

Jersey Beat Podcast #175

To Download or Stream: JB175.mp3 
Sons Of Butcher - Quaranteen
Logan X - Yours Sincerely
The Lawrence Arms - Ghostwriter
Stuyvesant - Miles On The Shoes
Short-Haired Domestic - A Song In Spanish...
The Yum Yums - Can I Come Over?
Jackie June - Chasing Nightmares
HelloImDylan - Keep You Around
Andre Salvadore & the Von Kings - I Love You (Don't Laugh)
Harvey Gold - In Consideration of Joe Strummer
The Asbury Park Love Contingent - Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)
The Glorybots - Suicide Hotline
Save Face - Pour (Redux)
Billy Walton Band - Cortez The Killer
Commons2 - Candles R Burning
Bozen! - Short Story Long
Dawn Oberg - Mitch McConnell

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