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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Technical Difficulties

My microphone fell apart so the podcast will be delayed temporarily. A new one has been ordered (thank you, Chris Pierce.) We will resume regular programming soon. Please stay tuned.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Birth of Hoboken Pop, Explained

My old friend Glenn Morrow from Bar None Records will be speaking today at 4pm at the Hoboken Historical Museum on the birth of the Hoboken pop scene back in the early 80's.

The Hoboken Historical Museum is at 1301 Hudson St. Hoboken.

I'm going to bring a few ancient Jersey Beats and other things I wrote back in the very early 80's for show 'n' tell.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast 48:
Autumn Breezes

Direct Download: JB48.mpg

Lots of new music this week, including brand-new releases from NJ's Mike Faherty, NYC's Erase-Hers, The Gregg Yeti, Long Island's Body Of Castle, the legendary Billy Milano of M.O.D., and just in time for his CD release party, John Raido.

Michael Faherty - Late Bloomer

Down With Digital - Forward March

Glad Hearts - The Afternoon Passed Like A Summer Cloud

The Gregg Yeti - My Narcoleptic Sara (Woodson Mix)

Red And Blue - What Are We Doing

The Fake Boys - Destroy The Radio

Patent Pending - Cheer Up Emo Kid

Body Of Castle - Double Fish

The Erase-Hers
- Rewire

Pots N Pans - Till She Was Dead

The Spears - People Are Bad

M.O.D. - Alphabet City Stomp

Anthrophopbia - Trip Fontaine

John Raido - Bad News

The Stone Coyotes - Party Down The Hall

Monday, October 08, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast 47: A Look Back At Hoboken Pop, 1980-1986

Direct Download: JB47.mp3
We do the time warp and travel back to the early 1980's to check out some of the bands that put the Hoboken pop scene on the map, including the Individuals, the Cyclones, the Cucumbers, the Trypes, Yung Wu, and more.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Insubordination Radio is back on the air!

We interrupt this blog for an important announcement from Chris Imperfekt of Insubordination Records...

Listen up suckers, Insubordination Radio is back! After a summer hiatus, Jim Testa (Jersey Beat) returns for our re-launch. We will be airing a whole new crop of live and pre-recorded streaming radio shows from a variety of hosts. This week, Jim's Radio Free Weehawken features Carlapalooza: a really amazing benefit show for National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Future radio shows will be posted to the site as they come in. Be sure to keep checking back for more updates to our schedule.

Click here to listen:

1. The Ergs! - "Introducing Morrissey" (Ergs/Lemuria Split EP - Art Of The Underground/Whoa Oh)
2. The Max Levine Ensemble - "Bicycle" (Operation: Cliff Clavin/Max Levine Ensemble Split EP - Plan-It-X Records)
3. The Fiendz - "See Ya Next Tour" (Wact LP - Black Pumpkin Records)
4. Nancy - "Jamuel L. Snackson" ("Snakes On An EP" - Idiot Records)
5. Hi Ho Six Shooter - "It Don't Mean A Thang (If It Ain't Got That Twang)" ("A Brief Discourse On Death & Dying" EP - No Signal House Records)
6. Short Attention - "Kill The DJ" ("Clever, Maddening & Annoying" CD - Coldfeet Records)
7. The Age Of Rockets - "Petales Aiment La Salete" (The Drive Home CD -
8. The Festipals - "Notepad Poetry" ("Free Beer" EP - no label)
9. Basement Black - "Raised In The City" (We'll Inherit The Earth: A Tribute To The Replacements - 1-2-3-4-Go! Records)
10. The Measure (SA) - "It's Me Or The Marlboro Man" (Historical Fiction CD - Salinas Records)
11. Short Attention - "Quiz" ("Clever, Maddening & Annoying" CD - Coldfeet Records)
12. Brook Pridemore - "Chocolate Cake City" (The Three Dollar Gallon - Crafty Records)
13. For Science - "Hearts Bound To Die" (Tomorrow's Just Another Day, Insubordination Records)
14. Dead Mechanical - "One Act Play!" (Medium Noise - Sex Cells Records)
15. The Leftovers - "I Don't Really Love You" (Party Tonight! - Cheapskate Records)
16. Lost Locker Combo - "Scoliosis" (
17. Bridge And Tunnel - "In Case Of Emergency" (Bridge And Tunnel EP, No Idea)
18 Modern Machines - "Ay, Paisano" (Taco Blessing CD, Recess Records)
19. The Steinways - "Milk Was A Bad Choice" ("Rocket Surgery" EP - Don Giovanni Records)
20. The Hamiltons - "Hello Ice Cream" ("Don't Mess Up" EP)