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Friday, May 16, 2008

Jersey Beat Podcast 56:
W.E. Festival 2008

Direct Download: JB56.mp3

All of the bands on this podcast are scheduled to appear at the 2008 Wilmington Exchange Festival, or W.E. Fest, on May 22-26 in Wilmington, NC. For more information and links to all of the bands' websites, visit

What Happened? - Late Night TV
The Challenged - Not Doing Shit
The Milwaukees - Moonshaker

Anthony Fiumano - Born To Crawl
Andy Bilinski - Paper Airplane
Gregg Yeti - My Narcoleptic Sarah
The Never - When You're Gone (special thanks to

Poingly - The One
Radio Shock - Burn Down Radio
Nina 57 - Not My Home

Beloved Binge - Sunday Stopped Honking
Doly Toro - To The Sun
Hammer No More The Fingers - Black Harmony
Red Collar - Used Guitars

Club Awesome - BB's Go Out Into The Night
The SoSoGlo's - We Got The Days
The Scott Waite Debacle - It'll Be All Right

The Meltdowns - Slut
Spiraling - The Future

Jim Testa & The W.E.Fest Friends - The W.E. Fest Song

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Jersey Beat Podcast 55

Direct Download: JB55.mp3

Bringing you the best music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow... from New Jersey and beyond.

Tim Fite - More Clothes

Bubble/Gum - Hearts Forever

Kaiser Cartel - Okay

Project 27 - Bloody Nose

Dead Mechanical - Sidewalk

The Dustheads - Mules

Get Bent - Sleeping Bag

Adrenalin OD - The Nice Song

The Asthmatics - Game Plan

The Rockvilles - Long Way Home

The Safes - Cool Sounds Are Here Again

The Side Project - Ride This Buzz

Miss TK & The Revenge - No Biters

Pretty Whores of Manhattan - Mary Shake

Mighty High - Hooked On Drugs