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Monday, February 18, 2013

Jersey Beat Podcast #101

Direct Download:  JB101.mp3

Screaming Females - Sick Bed
Big Dick - Problems
Shellshag - Save Yourself
Brick  + Mortar - 20LBS
Local H - Another February
Big Eyes - Why Can't I?
The Great American Novel - This Song Will Make You Love Me
Damfino - When You Danced & Sang For Me
Grand Rapids - Road To Ruin
The Harmonica Lewinskies - Ghost Pal
The Brixton Riot - Hipster Turns 30
Science Police - Stop Hitting Yourself
The New Rochelles - This Is My LJ
The Brodheads - Nothing I Care About
Jeffrey Lewis - Slogans
Brook Pridemore - Simpsons Reference
The Bennys - Woo!!
Holy City Zoo - Giving Him The Business
I Am The Heat - Famous
David Pollak - Till It Turns Midnight