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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 69: 2009, Revisited

Direct download: JB69.mp3

For our final podcast of the year, we present some of our favorite songs, bands, and albums from 2009. For our staff's Best of 2009 lists, visit

Cymbals Eat Guitars - "Wind Phoenix" (Why There Are Guitars)

Dr. Frank - " Andromeda Klein Theme" (Single)

Jeffrey Lewis - "Broken Broken Broken Heart" ('Em Are I)

Rick Barry - "All Of Your Mistakes Have Names" ("This Antidiluvian World" EP)

Screaming Females - "I Believe In Evil" (Power Move)

Superchunk - "Learned To Surf" ("Leaves In The Gutter" EP)

The Roman Line - "Sticking Together Is What Good Waffles Do" (Morning Portraits)

Dear Landlord - "Goodbye To Oakland" (Dream Homes)

Frank Turner - "Live Fast, Die Old" (Poetry Of The Dead)

Ike Reilly - "Sheet Metal Moon" (Hard Luck Stories)

House Boat - "My Guts Have Shit For Brains" (The Delaware Octopus)

The Leftovers - "Dance with Me" (Eager To Please)

The Riverdales - "Hearts Out Of Season" (Invasion USA)

Golden Bloom - "Doomsday Devices" (Fan The Flames)

Roadside Graves - "Take A Train" (My Son's Home)

Ace Enders & A Million Different People - "Bring Back Love" (When I Hit The Ground)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Rock n Roll Gas Station - Episode 19

We've got brand new tracks from Bouncing Souls, Ted Leo, the Wrens, Mod Fun, the Lawrence Arms, Longwave and the new album from NJ's own Tris Mccall, as well as hot new tracks from Surfer Blood, Barrakuda McMurder, Body Language, and a special shout out in our Out Of Print Corner to Footstone.

Download the show as an mp3 here.

Mod Fun - Give
Lawrence Arms - Demons
Body Language - Huffy 10 Speed
Footstone - Unraveled
The King of Rocksprings - The Perfect Guy
Bouncing Souls - Never Say Die/When You're Young
Boss jim Gettys - Johnny's Double Kick Drum
Wrens - Silverware
Tris McCall - WFMU
Wallpaper - I Got Soul, I'm So Wasted
Surfer Blood - Floating Vibe
Ted Leo / Pharmacists - Even Heroes Have To Die
Longwave - Disappointed
Barrakuda McMurder - "Oh My, Guys, My Job Is So Annoying And My Life Is Seriously Hard, You Guys"
White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl
Tris McCall - "First World, Third Rate"

Monday, November 23, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 68: Happy Thanksgiving

Direct Download: JB68.mp3

Mod Fun - "Dig Your Grave" - Futurepresent

Black Wine - "Haunted" - Black Wine

DOA - "Taking Care of Business" - Kings of Punk, Hockey & Beer

Ultra Violent Lights - "Buried At The Bottom of Silverlake" - Here in Filth

The Answering Machine - "Another City, Another Story" - The Answering Machine

NOFX - "Straight Outta Masschusetts" - Cokie The Clown EP

Balance & Composure - "Only Boundaries" - Only Boundaries EP

The Ex Gentlemen - "Four-Four" - The Ex-Gentlemen

Grant Hart - "Barbara" - Hot Wax

Surf City - "Records of a Flagpole Skater" - Surf City

Torture The Artist - "Piper's Glen Drive" - Torture The Artist

The Ergs! - "Encyclopedia Self-Destructica" - Ergs!/The Measure(SA) Split EP

Real Estate - "Fake Blues" - Real Estate

The Nouvellas - "Satisfied" - The Nouvellas

The Roman Line - "Stickin' Together Is What Good Waffles Do" - Morning Portraits

The Scruffs - "The Radio Song" - Conquest

House Boat - "I Work On The 13th Floor" - The Delaware Octopus

Free Energy - "Something In Common" - B-Sides

Kelsey & The Chaos - "Against The Wall" - Shut Up & Deal

John Walsh - "This Is A Home" - Home

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Crossing The Streams:
The JB Podcast Meets The Rock N Roll Gas Station

JerseyBeat Podcast 67/Rock N Roll Gas Station

Direct download: JB67.mp3

We're crossing the streams this week and combining the Jersey Beat podcast with my Internet radio show, bringing you a collection of songs mostly contributed by the readers of the Pop Punk Message Board (
You see, my PC is kaput, and my iTunes library and other mp3's have been inaccessible. So I put out a call to the Pop Punk Bored and sure enough, bands and labels sent in enough music to carry me through for a few weeks. So with thanks to Rally and Traffic Street and Merman Records, and bands like the Sentiments, Snotlip, and Wild America, we present the crossing-the-streams joint episode of the JB Podcast and RnR Gas Station.

Screeching Weasel - Bottom Of The Ninth (Teen Punks In Heat)
Fear Of Lipstick - Did Ya Know (Sea Creatures EP #1)
The Brought Low - Everybody Loves A Whore (demo)
The Dwyer - Waiting For A Bullet (Gas Station Masturbation)
Andromeda Klein - Dr. Frank (Demo)
Textbook - Better Late Than Never (The Great Salt Creek)
Wild America - Think Too Much (Wild America)
Awesome New Republic - Alleycat (hearts)
Buzzkill - Rock N Roll Gas Station - 7 inch EP
Teenage Bottlerocket - Todayo - (They Came From The Shadows)
Snotlip - Nzag (demo)
The Sentiments - Goodbye Ramona (Goodbye Ramona)
The Scruffs - Treasure Girls (Conquest)
Drew & The Medicinal Pen - Paper Pockets (Heavy Head)
The Roman Line - Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease (Sea Creatures #1)
Megaphone - Favorite New Disaster (Exit Silent Mode)
PG 13's - Winona (Get Back)
Sci Fi Nightmares - Death Follows Her (EP Split with The Loblaws)
Nouvelle Vague - God Save The Queen (3)
The Riot Before - You Can't Sexy Dance To Punk Rock (Fist Out of Sockets)
Northern Poly Riot - Orencia, Once In A While (Nothern Poly Riot)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 66:
Thank You Pop Punk Message Bored!

This episode of the JB podcast was made possible by bands and labels from the Pop Punk Message Bored sending us these songs, as my main computer is down and I don't have access to my iTunes library. Thanks to my reliable if refurbished iBook G4, the show can - and must - go on!

Direct Download: JB66.mp3

Used Kids - "Standing At A Bus Stop Waiting For The Train" [ Yeah No ]
Blockhead - "If You Make It" [I'll Leave This Behind]
Measure (SA) - "How To Thrash A Million" {Dangerous Intersections II ]
The Jetty Boys - "I'll Be Fine" [Sheboygan ]
Scott Marks - "Crimes N Violations" [ demo ]
The Accelerators - "Go Get Your Brain Checked" [Accelerators ]
Barrakuda McMurder - "I Broke Up With My Girlfriend (So I Could Write Pop Punk Songs)" [DI II ]
Born Loser - "Hands" [Born Loser ]
Transgressions - "I Want To Be Your Christian Slater" [Waste My Time EP]
Sci Fi Nightmares - "Hatchet Part 1" [ Hatchet ]
Kepi Ghoulie & Jerry Hormone - "The Next In Line" [The Lives & Loves Of... ]
Shang A Lang - "Don't Bring Him ARound" [DI IV ]
Troublemake - "Rhetoric of Hope" [Troublemake/Turkish Techno Split EP ]
Turkish Techno - "Math Not Meth" [Troublemake/Turkish Techno Split EP ]
Sci Fi Nightmares - "Hatchet Part 2" [ hatchet ]
Dead Mechanical - "Poison Bearer" [DI II }
Like Bats - "Lonely" [ Like Bats ]
Closet Fairies - "SKUMPUNK" [DI III]
Dopamines - "My Future's So Bright I Have To Wear Night Vision Goggles" [DI III ]
The Side Project - :Get A New Brain" [New Brain EP]
Strait A's - "Go Away" [ SI IV ]
Geoff Useless - "Tell Me What" (Geoff Useless ]
Red Phone Dispatch - "My Favorite Gentile" [Safety In Numbers ]
Rumpspringer - "Give Me A Fucking Vowel" [Rumpspringer / Sleep Like A Log Split ]
All-Star Assassins - "O.M.G. I Hate You" [Toe Tag Time In Teen Town Tonight ]

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

JerseyBeat Podcast 65

Jersey Beat Podcast 65: A Farewell To Archie

Direct Download: JB65

True West - Lucifer Sam
The Impediments - Don't Mess Me Around
The Knockouts - Where Has Rock N Roll Gone?
Delay - I Need You
Sandworms - Seasick
Barrakuda McMurder - I Wanna Make Out With You Because You Wear Sweatpants
Boys Club - Barracuda
The Dispensed - Serena
The Max Levine Ensemble - How About A Shrieking Polecat?
Nightbirds - Paranoid Time
Porno Sponges - Goin' Places, Eatin' Things
The Secret Syde - Hole Where A Pocket Should Be
Shilpa Ray & The Happy Hookers - I'm Not Frigid...Yet
Tris McCall & Cropduster - Mind Rock
The Negatones - Carbon Freeze
The Used Kids - Dancing On The Edge of the World
The Methadones - Gary Glitter
Legend of the Fall - Keep Your Emo Glasses On (Scene Girl)
Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation - Better Come Clean
Yo La Tengo - If It's True

Friday, September 18, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 64 - A Chat With Tris McCall

Direct download: JB64.mp3

Singer / songwriter / musician / critic/ writer/ blogger /political gadfly/ one-time community activist, and music-pollster extraordinaire Tris McCall joins host Jim Testa in the studio for a one hour conversation on the state of our local music and politics. What can we expect from the new album from Tris... and from the next mayor of Jersey City? Is downtown really morphing into a reflection of its latest tenants, or is the neighborhood simply overstocked with ex-pat Hobokenite stock brokers and trust-funded frat boys looking for a $2 PBR and a luxury condo that won't crimp their lifestyle?

Direct download here:
Enhanced iPod-ready version here:

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 62: Falling Into Fall

The Impediments

Jersey Beat Podcast 62

Direct download: JB62.mp3

The Impediments - "LeAn"
The Impulse - "Arm The Girls"
Golden Bloom - "Doomsday Devices"
Material Issue - "Mary Spins A Rainbow"
The New 45 - "Black Cherry"
Bouncing Souls - "Badass"
Delay - "Bad Habits, Good Company"
The Drums - "Let's Go Surfing"
The Leftovers - "Make You Mine"
Smarty Pants - "Make A Mermaid"
Boat - "God Save The Man Who Isn't All That Super"
Yo La Tengo - "Avalon Or Someone Very Similar"
Houseboat - "Alonelylonelylone"
Dumptruck - "Walk Into Mirrors"
Ex Lovers - "My Sister Hates The Band"
Classics of Love - "Slow Car Crash"
Frank Turner - "Poetry of the Deed"
Tajoe Jeff - "Astrozombies"
The Creepshow - "Rock N Roll Sweetheart"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 61
Insubordination Fest Special

It's our annual Insubordination Festival preview, 60 non-stop uninterrupted minutes of pop-punk, a one-hour digital mixtape to enjoy on your way to Baltimore (or, if you're not going, to make you feel even worse than you already do...)

Direct Download: JB62.mp3

Parasites - "First Day of Summer"

Dead Mechanical - "Baltimore Calling"

The Festipals - "Come On Come On!"

Banner Pilot - "Empty Your Bottles"

Teenage Bottlerocket - "Radio"

Short Attention - "What The Fuck Is The Point of the G Train?"

The Steinways - "Dear Girl"

The Copyrights - "Help Me Stay Awake"

Dear Landlord - "Park Bench / Goodbye Oakland"

The Leftovers - "Dance With Me"

Dead Milkmen - "Life Is Shit"

Pansy Division - "Love Love Love"

Lemuria - "Mechanical"

The Measure (SA) - "singleseriesnumberzero"

Nancy - "Killing Ourselves"

Full of Fancy - "Mikey Says"

Jetty Boys - "1%"

The Adorkables - "In The After Hours"

Egghead - "My Apartment"

Beatnik Termites - "Red Head Girl"

The Sheckies - "Better Than Star Wars"

House Boat - "30 Going On 13"

The Unlovables - "Jersey Boy"

Psyched To Die - "Conditioned To Fail"

John Walsh - "Hello Friends!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 61

Direct Download: JB61.mp3

Invincible Gods - "Pistol Whipped" (Slightly More Ballsy Than Pretentious)

Sister Kisses - "Soul Glow"

Mothermania - "Stephanie Is Pregnant"

the Offs - "Murder In The Brady House"

XOXO - "Shut Up & Dance" (C'est La Vie)

Pictures of Then - "The Big Sell" (...And The Wicked Sea)

Rubinoos - "Go Go Tokyo" (Twist Pop Sin)

The Leftovers - "Party Till We Die" (Eager To Please)

Sick Sick Birds - "Hearts & The Minds (Heavy Manners)

Strait A's - "Gotta Make The First Move" (Use Your Delusion 1)

Rational Anthem - "You Tell Me" (Use Your Delusion 1)

Boris The Sprinkler - "Do You Wanna Grilled Cheese?" (Saucer To Saturn)

Egghead - "First Flight To The Moon" (Dumb Songs for Smart People)

Sucidie - "Back To DIY"

Banner Pilot - "Empty Your Bottles" (Resignation Day)

One Short Fall - "Wake Up" (Nothing Left To Say)

Short Attention - "Toilet Paper" (Clever Maddening Annoying)

Dear Landlord - "I Live In Hell" (Dream Homes)

Pansy Division - "That's So Gay" (That's So Gay)

PG 13's - "Sure Thing" (Get Back)

Sidekicks - "Hop On A Sea Cow & Manatee Up" (Sidekicks)

The Dispensed - "Swing & Miss" (demo)

Re-Animators - "Boyfriend" (demo)

Be My Doppelganger - "Convertible Girls" (Convertible Girls EP)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 60: 60 Minutes Of Punk

Direct Download: JB60.mp3

Black Hollies - "Gloomy Monday Morning" - Single

Barrkada McMurder - "The Royal You" - "Slow Crawl" EP

Get Bent - "Face Mush" - Split EP with Jean Claude Jam Band

North Lincoln - "Seasons" - Midwestern Blood

The Leftovers - "Girlfriend" - Eager To Please

The Old Wives - "...Shut Up" - Blame Its/Old Wives Split EP

The Sidekicks - "Hop On A Sea Cow & Manatee Up" - EP

Static Jacks - "Stay A Loser" - "Bridge & Tunnel" EP

The Riverdales - "Atomic Brain" - Invasion USA

The Lillingtons - "Vaporize My Brain" - Too Late Show

The Kung Fu Monkeys - "I'm In Love With Junior Varsity but Junior Varsity Is Destroying My Brain" - Christmas For Breakfast

For Science - "Brains Vs. Balls" - Revenge For Hire

AV Club - "Baltimore" - EP

Squirtgun - "She's Ohio" - Fade To Bright

Delay - "Take It Back" - Jumpstart My Heart

The Dopamines - "Car Trouble" - Dopamines/Till Plains Split EP

Charlie Brown Gets A Valentine - "Rock Anthem For The Kids" - Discography

Electric Love Muffin - "Norweign Wood" - Playdoh Meathook

Billy Raygun - "Katie The Waitress (Aviatress) - "Seasick" EP

The Ergs! - "Piltdown Man" - "That's It... Bye!" EP

Dillinger Four - "Gainesville" - CIVILWAR

Hot Water Music - "Radio Free Gainesville" - No Division

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jersey Beat Podcast 59 - Here Comes The Summer

Jersey Beat Podcast - 59 First Day Of Summer

Direct Download: JB59.mp3

Screeching Weasel - First Day of Summer - Bark Like A Dog

Cub - Here Comes The Summer - Here Comes The Summer: An Undertones Tribute

Art Brut - Summer Job - Art Brut Vs. Satan

Summer Comes - Even In Blackouts - Myths & Imaginary Weapons

The Brooklyn What - I Don't Wanna Go To Williamsburg - For Boro President

Palomar - Williamsborg - Palomar

Jim Testa - Planet Williamsburg - There Goes The Neighborhood

Tris McCall - Colonial Williamsburg - I'm Assuming You're All In Bands

The Hextalls - Mark Wilson

Dead Milkmen - I Walk The Thinnest Line

The Challenged - Ambition - Home Is Where You Hate It

Full of Fancy - Joe Is A Scientist - Full of Fancy/Acid Creeps 7 inch

Teen Idols - Cameage - Homage: Lots of Bands Playing Descendents Songs

Marshmallows - Hoboken - Demo

The Cucumbers - Musicians I Know - Live At Folk You

The Fave - Famous Last Words - Tomorrow's June

Cyclones - Catch 22

Individuals - Leap Of Faith - Fields

Boy Genius - Blame Love - 7-inch Single

Canadian Invasion - How To Build A Jetpack - 3 Cheers For The Invisible Hand

Golden Bloom - Your Minute of Fame - Fan The Flames

Illinois - Hang On - The Adventures of Kid Catastrophe

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Return Of The Jersey Beat Podcast!!!

Jersey Beat Podcast #58: We're Back!!

Direct Download: JB58.mp3

Jeffrey Lewis - "Slogans" - 'Em Are I

Pansy Division - "Some Of My Best Friends" - That's So Gay

Pink Lincolns - "3 Chord Song" - Suck And Bloat

Arms Aloft - "Torn Apart On A Digital Bias" - Arms Aloft

Short Attention - "Jim's In Love With Rachael Ray" - Polished Turds

Roadside Graves - "Dirty Work" - My Son's Home

Any Day Parade - "A Couple Hours" - "Where We Fall" EP

Augmented - "Saturday Night" - "Summer Sessions" EP

Kevin Devine - "I Could Be With Anyone" - My Brother's Blood

Ben Franklin - "Tell Us How You Really Feel" - These Are The Most Delicate Songs

The Volunteers - "Rock N Roll Will Kill You" - Spectrophilia

One And Only Typicals - "Get Bent" - Riot In My Head

One For The Team - "Best Supporting Actress" - "Build A Garden" EP

The Ergs! - "...for the true believers..." - "That's It... Bye" EP

Screaming Females - "Starving Dog" - Power Move

13 - "City Gardens" - The Secret History Of 13

The Copyrights - "Carmelita" - Art Of The Underground Single

G.G. Allin - "You Hate Me & I Hate You" - 7-inch

Plesiosaurus - "We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat" - The Supreme Art of Doing Nothing

Boss Jim Gettys - "Half-Baked" - Kitra Vol. 2