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Friday, November 08, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #164: Fall Music Playlist

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The Skullers - She Denies Herself The Things She Loves
Scoville Unit - Back Of My Mind
Successful Failures - Everywhere She Goes It's Raining
Defecting Grey - Make It Impossible
Dinosaur Stampede - The Enabler
Mal Blum - Things Still Left To Say
She/Her/Hers - Kill The Boy Band
Amanda Rose Riley - Millennials Are Getting Gray
Frieda's Roses - Need To Be Free
Genya Ravan - Don't Go To The Bathroom
Sex Hogs II - Forever
Leland Sundries - Food Court Blues
Shayfer James - New York Doesn't Remind Me Of You
Wyuldlife - Neon Nightmare
Big Cheese - Golden
Brat Curse - Sweat Pants Lawyer
Grim Deeds - Past Your Prime
Philly Boy Roy - Punk Rock Girl
Mickey PG - White Guy Playing Guitar
GRLwood - I Hate My Mom
Rick Barry - Signing Off

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #163: Summertime Blues

Direct Link:  JB163.mp3

A summertime playlist of new music we've been enjoying at Jersey Beat HQ:

The Dogmatics - Summertime
The Dollyrots - Animal
Cromm Fallon - East Bay
Joy Cleaner - Easter Tuesday
Kepi Ghoulie - Four Eyes
The Pinheads - Feel It Now
Johnathan Pushkar - The Girl Next Door
Geoff Palmer - All The Hits
The Defending Champions - Flow-Nace
Ten Foot Pole - Everything Dies
Scary Hours - The Real Disease
Positive No - Teenage Waistline
The Great American Novel - Perpetual Emotion Machine
The Next Great American Novelist - American Queen
Cheap Gunslingers - Junky Friends
The Copyrights - Are You Passionate?
Karyn Kuhl Band - Hey Kid
The Last Bees - Saturday
Mikey Erg - Careless Or Cruel?

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #162: Dave Schramm

Direct download: JB162.mp3
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On Episode 162 of the Jersey Beat Podcast, Editor Jim Testa chats with Dave Schramm of The Schramms, about the band's new album Omni-Directional, its first studio release in nearly 20 years.

On this episode, you'll hear the tracks "Good Youth," "Not Calling," "Won't Fall Down," and "Honestly Now."

Omni-Directional is available from Bar-None Records (

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #161: New Music On My Mind

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Jersey Beat Podcast #161

Peter Stampfel & The Atomic Meta-Pagans - It Might As Well Be Spring
The Cucumbers - Do It Yourself (theme)
Geoff Palmer - This One's Gonna Be Hot
Brad Marino - What Comes Naturally
Fat Chance - Quit Bitchin'
Tuffy - Everybody's Ex-Girlfriend
Pboneboy- Acid Girl
Bouncing Souls - Crucial Moments
Mean Jeans - Hot Pockets
The Murderburgers - Turning 30 Was An Eye Opener
Teenage Bottlerocket - Stupid Song
Urban Outfielders - The Wizard of Japan
The Suck - You're Dead
Karen Haglof - Tobiano Twirl
R. Stevie Moore - Pop Music
Jeff Whalen - Goofing Around
Devo Spice - Gravity Is Stupid
Johnny Kosmo - Come Down To Get Down
Mykel Board & Clean Boys - Havin' Your Baby
The Weeklings - Friday On My Mind

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #160: The Campfire Flies

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JerseyBeat Podcast #160:  JB160.mp3

The Campfire Flies are six old friends from the NJ music scene who have come together to perform and record as a harmonic acoustic ensemble:  John and Toni Baumgartner and Ed Seifert of Speed The Plough, Deena Shoshkes and Jon Fried of the Cucumbers, and Matthew Davis of The Thousand Pities.  I attended a rehearsal at the home of John and Toni Baumgartner to chat with the band about their formation, their music, and their recently released debut album, Sparks Like Little Stars.

On this episode, you can hear the following songs from Sparks Like Little Stars:
"If Your Eyes Are Closed"
"Lost My Place In A Small Town"
"John's Song"
"I Can't Find A Place That Feels Like Home"
"Way Way Back"

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #159: February Dreaming

Direct Download:  JB159.mp3

Deafening Colors - "Crash Course"
Cold Weather Company - "Pocket"
Sean Kiely - "Walter (Or The Wheel)"
Kate Jacobs - "Every Single Time I Think Of You"
Elevator Pitch - "Magnetism"
Ezra Caspi - "Say Whatever"
Lanier  - "Tied (Ever My Eyes' Lover)"
Dan Francia - "Planet In Transit"
Peter Stampfel & The Atomic Meta-Pagans - "It Might As Well Be Spring"
Bob Mould - "Camp Sunshine"
The Wag - "We Carry On"
William B. Simpson - "Feeling Better"
Shayfer James - "Day of Reckoning"
Cyclone Static - "Company Man"
The Carvels NYC - "Scarcity"
Smoke & Mirror Routine - "Millionaire's Son"
The Planes - "Now Hiring"
Grim Deeds - "Rock N Roll Will Die"

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #158: Kate Jacobs

Direct Download:  JB158.mp3

In this episode, I interview Kate Jacobs - singer/songwriter, co-owner of Little City Books in Hoboken, part of the Radio Free Song Club collective, and mom. We discuss all her roles and especially her new album, Second Day Cake, her first release since 2011's Home Game.

On the podcast, you'll hear the following tracks by Kate:
"St. Mark's Bar, 1984," "Slow Dancing To Aqualung," "Slacker Mom Summer Song" from Second Day Cake
"Jesus Has Been Drinking" and "$55 Motel" from Home Game.
"The Heart Of The Matter" (with Dave Schramm) from the "A Sister" EP

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Jersey Beat Podcast #157: Looking Back At NJ's Best, 2018

Direct download/stream:  JerseyBeat Podcast 157


Rockstar Racecar - The Real Housewives of Pyong Yang
Character Actor - 72 Paperbacks
The LLC - I Don't Give A Butt
The Components - Il Bandito
21 Kings - Photographs
Sunshine & The Rain - It's All In Your Mind
Sailor Boyfriend - Do You Like Sonic Youth?
Turnpike Gates - Hiding In Plain Sight
Well Wisher - Believe
The Porchistas - The Abe Vigoda Polka
Elevator Pitch - Eric
The Happy Fits - Hungry People
The Rock n Roll Hi-Fives - C'est La Vie
Forget The Whale - Halfway Home
Hit Like A Girl - Forget That You Have Me
Val Emmich - Cave
Glenn Morrow's Cry For Help - Yellowed Pages