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Monday, July 02, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast #43:
Pre-Fest Podcast Madness, Part Two

Direct Download: JB43.mp3

All aboard for Baltimore!! Next stop, the second annual Insubordination Fest. Here is Part Two of our Pre-Fest Podcast, bringing you some of the punk rockers who will be playing this year's Fest.

Screeching Weasel - Punk Rock Explained

The Leftovers - Lose Your Head

The Retarded - Got Her In My Brain

Team Stray - The Big Orange

The Apers - Not The Only One

The Unlovables - Please Don't Change

The Ergs - Bike Shoppe

Paper Dragons - Annihilate the Need

Teenage Bottlerocket - Bloodbath At Burger King

The Prozacs - Never Knew

American Riot - My Little Liz

Mr. T Experience - Everybody Knows You're Crying

Sick Sick Birds - The Connects

Vena Cava - Amythest & Roses

For Science - Blackout Blue

The Riptides - Detention

The Cacophonies - A-Sexual Gal

Egghead - Donna's Always Mad At Me

Joe Jitsu - Catastrophe

Chinese Telephones - Better Than The Next

The Riverdales - Break Your Heart