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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jersey Beat Podcast 52:
Season Opener

Direct Download: JB52.mp3

On this episode of the Jersey Beat podcast, we pay tribute to Chris Pierce's career in the AG's, Sinkhole, Doc Hopper, and the Groucho Marxists (read our interview with Chris on, and preview some of the bands playing this year's Insubordination Fest.

The Imperialists - Imperialist Rock

The Meltdowns - Tonight We Dine

Make Do And Mend - Insomniac Jams

The Groucho Marxists - Season Opener

The A.G.'s - Bryan's Song

Sinkhole - Big Speckled Bird

Doc Hopper - Virginia Slim

The Groucho Marxists - Stupid White-Filtered Tip Cigarette

Tin Armor - The State of Things

Speaker Speaker - Call It Off

Sudden Death - My Atari

Cletus - Canada

Sludgeworth - Some Day

Sweet Baby - Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby

Special thanks to WhoaOh Records, Dave Brushback, and Chris Pierce.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Jersey Beat Podcast 51

Jersey Beat Podcast 51

Direct Download: JB51.mp3

The Measure (SA) - Means To An End
Loose - Come Through Gently
The Purrs - She's Got Chemicals
Bob Mould - The Silence Between Us
Semi-Precious Weapons - Magnetic Baby
Murder Mystery - Love Astronaut
Hysterics - Fill That World
Feel It Robot - Movie It
The Steinways - Main Street, Flushing, USA
Sucidie - Uh Oh Song
The Leftovers - "The Only One"
She's A Guy - Protein Smoothie
Fat Daddy Hasbeen - Steal My Heart

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