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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast 46: Carlapalooza II

Direct download: JB46.mp3

On this episode, we showcase some of the bands playing Carlapalooza II on Oct. 6-7.
Please visit for complete details, directions, and information on the mind-blowing prizes being given away at Saturday's raffle.

The Connie Dungs - Teenage Hate Band

Bridge And Tunnel - Circles to Shreds

Nancy - The World's Worst Financial Planners Agree:

The Fiendz - Dead End

The Festipals - Red Line Soldiers, Mount Up

Basement Black - Apocalypse Broadcast

Short Attention - Toilet Paper

Short Attention - John Locke

The Measure (SA) - Just Go

The Killtakers - Anneliese

The Max Levine Ensemble - The Estranged Journeys of Richard Nixon

Modern Machines - Zero Kid

Hi Ho, Six Shooter!
- If Only You Were Lonely

The Age of Rockets
- The Day The Whole World Died

The Ergs! - Blue

Dead Mechanical - Information In

Lost Locker Combo - Bake Sale

For Science - Leaving New Brunswick

The Leftovers - Lose Your Head

The Steinways -

See you at Carlapalooza!

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