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Monday, September 04, 2006

Jersey Beat Podcast #13

We're back from summer vacation with some exciting debuts, including unreleased tracks from The Lemonheads, Ben Kweller, and The Ergs!, as well as new music from Postmark Twain, G-Whitz, Fish Karma, World/Inferno Friendship Sicety, Son Of A Gun, and more!
Direct download: JB13.mp3

DIY by The Cucumbers

No Backbone - The Lemonheads

Penny On The Train Track - Ben Kweller

Trouble In River City - The Ergs

God Bless Lawrence Livermore - The Mr. T Experience

Moving To New Jersey - Fish Karma

Running in Circles - Postmark Twain

Talk Louder - David Ippolito

Only Anarchists Are Pretty - The World/Inferno Friendship Society

Garden State Parkway Boogie - Holme

The Story - Son Of A Gun

Have Fun Suckers - Harlan Rock Frenzy

Visiting Hours - LandSpeedRecord

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