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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Jersey Beat Podcast #143: The Anderson Council

Direct Download:  JB143.mp3  

Jim Testa's guest on JB Podcast #143 is Peter Horvath, lead singer and guitarist of New Brunswick's Anderson Council, a psychedelic pop band that's just released a primer of old and new tracks entitled Assorted Colours (on Jem Records.)

On the podcast, you'll hear the following tracks from Assorted Colours:

Pinkerton's Assorted Colours
Never Stop Being '67
Girl On The Northern Life
Love Bomb
Fire Island
Hole In The Sky
and from Greyhouse' s Dives To The Deep End on Zimba Records,
Johnny's Temple

1 comment:

Dawn Eden Goldstein said...

Greetings, Jim! I think you mean "Girl on the Northern Line," not "Life." ;-) Glad you liked the tune! Thanks for all you do, including your believing in me when I was 15 and wanted to write about rock.