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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jersey Beat Podcast #132: An interview with Lazlo of, and New Music

Direct download:  JB132.mp3

On this episode, we interview Lazlo of, the Internet radio station that's supported New Jersey underground music for 15 years. Lazlo talks about why he's had to discontinue streaming Internet radio and how he will continue to create new content using other social media platforms. We also check out some new music for 2016:

Speed The Plough - Ed's Song
The Hood Cast - Priceless Riches
Jeffrey Lewis - Intelligent Design
Tris McCall - The Ballad of You, Me, and Brett Schundler
Young Cum - Dead End Bar
Kal Marks - Mankind
Useless Eaters - Temporary Mutilation
Teeth People - Poetry Is Dead
Jukebox Zeroes - Snot Rocket
The Hextalls - Ouch! My Childhood
Party Flag - Bratwurst? Bestwurst!
GRIM DEEDS - Mass Shooting Menu
Holy City Zoo - David Byrnes' Magical Vacation

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