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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jersey Beat Podcast #130: 2015-The Year At Aviv

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk, check out his photos at

Direct Download:  JB130.mp3

On episode 130,  we look back at some of the bands who performed at Aviv, the all-ages DIY club in Brooklyn where I spend most of my time these days (I'm the doorman, occasional bartender, and pinch-hitting manager there.)  From impressive touring bands from across to the country to a potpourri of Brooklyn's best, this collection of bands marks a truly impressive year in the history of Brooklyn DIY, and one that I'll never forget.

Deerpeople - "She Skate Boards And She Gets Real High"
Kal Marks - "Zimmerman"
Acid Dad - "Digger"
Honduras - "The Program"
Big Ups - "Calvin & Hobbes"
Evolfo - "Mechanicals"
Larry & The Babes - "Fran Drescher"
Bellows - 'Crayon Crush"
Painted Zeros - "Only You"
Zuli - "Supernatural Voodoo"
Donovan Wolfington - "Ollie North"
Gradients - "Enemies"
Not Blood Paint - "Promiscuous"
Nonsense - "Lavander"
Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel  - "Do You Know Who I Am, I'm #%$& Snookie"
Brook Pridemore - "No One Belongs Here More Than You"
The Britanys - "Coming Home"
No Ice - "Summer Bummer"
The Regrets - "Enough"
Stringer - "Dirty Room"
The Harmonica Lewinskies - "Papa's Got A Brand New Man"
PWR BTTM - "Ugly Cherries"
Glue Boy - "Have Yr Way"
Slonk Donkerson - "The Lunar Martini Highway"
Ghostpal - "God Save Mama Coco's"

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