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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Jersey Beat Podcast 36: March Madness!

Direct Download: JB36.mp3

March madness! No brackets here, no eliminations, no tournament...just lots of cool music!

The Steinways - Fucking February

The Speedies - Let Me Take Your Photo

Backseat Virgins - Can't Take It

The Retarded - High Heels, Short Skirt

Fixer - Dirty Girl

The Rudds - Get The Femuline Hang On

Drew & The Medicinal Pen - A City Was Born

Kate Hart - New York City

The Poster Boys - Just A Friend

The Challenged - We Gratify Ourselves

The Chinese Telephones - Better Than Th...

Delay - Married

The Knockdown - Basements And Houses

As always, thank you to The Cucumbers and LandSpeedRecord for our intro and outro themes.

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