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Monday, October 16, 2006

Jersey Beat Podcast 19 - End of An Era

Direct download: JB19.mp3
A sneak peek at a brand new song from Rancid's Tim Armstrong, a potpourri of new releases from the Greater New Jersey area, and a fond farewell to CBGB's.

Wake Up - Tim Armstrong (

Blue Light - The Beggarstaffs (

The Only One Lonely - Val Emmich (

Your Way - Matt Colligan (

Invisible - Souls Release (

Merry-Go-Round - John Raido (

Joey's Song - Kitty Kowalski & The Manges (

USA Out Of NYC - The Bamboo Kids (

What We Hate - Screeching Weasel (

So Far From Paradise - The Knockouts (

Intro: Do It Yourself - The Cucumbers (

Outro: Visiting Hours - LandSpeedRecord (

1 comment:

daviso said...

Hi Jim,

Your show has evolved a lot and you've elipses me. I just released show #12 best contenders for 2006 after being dormant for months! I've got 13 & 14 are cued but am on hunt for the Wartime EP that rollins and andrew weis put out. So if you have it please rip some of tunes. -D