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Monday, April 17, 2006

Jersey Beat Podcast #2 - Music About Making Music

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Welcome to our second Jersey Beat Podcast. This time around, we've got a theme show for you -- music about music, songs about being in a band, collecting records, listening to music. What else are we going to have on our mind?

"Do It Yourself" - The Cucumbers (our theme song)
"Favorite New Record" - Ben Krieger, "Now We Are Kissed" EP
"That Song (Is Stuck In My Head)" - Full Minute of Mercury, "Alive Again" CD
"Oh No (They're Gonna Make Another One)" - The Rudds, "Get The Femuline Hang-On" CD
JERSEY BEAT TIMEWARP: "Johnny's Double Kick Drum" - Boss Jim Gettys, "Tigre Beat" CD
"Franks Not In The Band Anymore" - The Worm Quartet, "Stupid Video Game Music" CD
"A Drink For You" - Whiskey & Co., "Leaving The Nightlife" CD
"Visiting Hours" - LandSpeedRecord, Urban Development Series #4, (Our outro)

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